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  1. Covid Vaccine

    I think you make a great point. I was watching a news interview recently in which they were discussing side effects that individuals are still experiencing long after they were diagnosed with COVID-19. We still don’t know how long any of these sympt...
  2. Covid Vaccine

    I agree with the caution in high risk individuals. Hence, these individuals are those that I would probably not recommend the vaccine to initially. I would want to see long term use of the vaccine on healthy individuals first. Would you agree on th...
  3. MSN vs DNP

    The DNP vs MSN program has an additional focus on leadership, research, and management. I can't speak for all programs because I have only been enrolled in one, but the DNP program should provide you with all of the same education that the MSN progr...
  4. Trying to understand prior auth's better.

    There has to be a better, more time efficient way. I'm curious do you have nurses/MAs/other office staff that work on this for you. And how much time in a day do you feel is spent on this on average in your setting?
  5. DNP: Mirroring the Path of DO?

    I can’t agree enough with this. There are true benefits to being and NP, and having the background as an RN that you don’t get as an MD. There are advantages to both career paths, but both providers focus on bettering patient outcomes. Same end go...
  6. DNP: Mirroring the Path of DO?

    I know NPs that work in specialty areas and they are just as knowledgeable and capable as their MD colleagues. Again, I believe it has so much to do with amount of experience. And you did contradict yourself by stating "medicine vs advanced nursing...
  7. End of life in primary care

    Did you spend a week covering this due to your specialty or was this provided to all students in the ACPCNP program? I wonder if geriatric focus provides more of this education due to the prominence of this topic in that population?
  8. End of life in primary care

    Has anyone read the book Dear Life: A Doctor's Story of Love and Life? I read this recently and it brought to light the idea that we really don't discuss end of life care in family practice. At least not in my program. I recently had a patient ...
  9. ANCC FNP Board Exam

    Thank you for the tips, very helpful! I plan to take a review course and then the exam in March. Just curious, if there was a reason you chose ANCC over AANP?
  10. Importance of NP Program Reputation, Name Recognition

    I do feel that the reputation of the school is very important. I attend a school that is in another state from which I live and was concerned that if a future employer did not know the school I attend, they would not realize how great of a program t...
  11. New NP Denver area

    I will soon be graduated as a DNP-FNP and live in the Denver area. Due to the pandemic it seems that jobs for new graduates are even more sparse. Also curious of NPs in the area, what your pay/experience is. The cost of living here and increased s...
  12. Trying to understand prior auth's better.

    I am following this post for better insight to this topic. Thank you for bringing it up. There has to be a better/easier way about this.
  13. DNP: Mirroring the Path of DO?

    I have to say that I agree with your concern for individuals being educated as APRN’s and not having any experience as a nurse. At both of the graduate programs I had applied to, it was a requirement to have at least 2 years experience as a nurse. ...