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    MSN vs DNP

    The DNP vs MSN program has an additional focus on leadership, research, and management. I can't speak for all programs because I have only been enrolled in one, but the DNP program should provide you with all of the same education that the MSN program provides with the addition of the above topics. That is why the DNP program is longer. It gives you additional education/skills to utilize throughout your career. Many that have a desire to take a leadership position or complete research in the future will chose the DNP track. It's really a preference based on your future goals.

    End of life in primary care

    Did you spend a week covering this due to your specialty or was this provided to all students in the ACPCNP program? I wonder if geriatric focus provides more of this education due to the prominence of this topic in that population?

    End of life in primary care

    Has anyone read the book Dear Life: A Doctor's Story of Love and Life? I read this recently and it brought to light the idea that we really don't discuss end of life care in family practice. At least not in my program. I recently had a patient in my clinic experience which this topic was brought to life, without giving too many details (HIPAA). Hard discussions with the patient and family had to be done about starting the patient on hospice, the family was not ready to "give up". It was apparent that the provider I was precepting with was uncomfortable with the conversation. I am curious about other's experiences in the family practice setting. Did anyone have specific training in their NP programs on this, more than just a short lecture?