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  1. Western University MSN-E 2021

    @cristinar Congratulations!! Awesome news ?
  2. Western University MSN-E 2021

    I just got accepted!! Congratulations to everyone who were accepted, and keep faith to those who were waitlisted, and never lose hope to those who were denied! Cant wait to meet everyone this upcoming fall! ?
  3. University of San Diego MEPN FALL 2021

    I haven’t received an email. Do you mind sharing what it said about the portal? ?
  4. University of San Diego MEPN FALL 2021

    Knowing someone got an acceptance is so exciting!! I feel like we have been waiting forever with no updates ? best of luck to everyone!!
  5. Western University MSN-E 2021

    @viking14 that is awesome! Congratulations on the scholarship and best of luck on your future nursing endeavors !!
  6. Western University MSN-E 2021

    For anyone who has done the interview, how was it?! I have mine on Monday and am a bit nervous!
  7. Western University MSN-E 2021

    Embarrassed to say this, but I submitted it the day of!
  8. Western University MSN-E 2021

    After what feels YEARS of waiting and seeing everyone get their invitations for interviews, I just got my interview email invite this morning!! Just spreading hope for those who were still waiting for a response! ☺️??
  9. Hello, did you receive any interview from Western yet ? 

    1. Isthisadulting


      Nothing yet! Not a rejection or an interview. Quite worrisome haha so after this week I’ll send an email to see what’s going on.

    2. Karrie


      When did you submit your application ? Me too, I’m waiting for it and I’m seeing people for interviews. Did you applied anywhere else for nursing program ?

  10. Western University MSN-E 2021

    I have not received a rejection nor an interview invite LOL at this point all I want is a response ?
  11. University of San Diego MEPN FALL 2021

    No new updates either! In fact, my application portal still says items "incomplete" LOL
  12. Western University MSN-E 2021

    I wouldn’t assume the worst yet! I think due to COVID and the immense amount of applications the receive, they may be behind. I find it odd how no one on this blog has posted about any interview invites and there’s quite a few of us on here...
  13. University of San Diego MEPN FALL 2021

    I checked the portal and my application status says “incomplete, application material outstanding” so hopefully that changes in due time considering I turned everything in! ?
  14. Western University MSN-E 2021

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe during these difficult COVID times. I was in contact with the admissions counselor yesterday and he informed me “Decision emails and interview invitations will be sent within the next ...
  15. University of San Diego MEPN FALL 2021

    Hello everyone! I thought it would be a good idea to follow this thread since its frequently updated by current applicants. I graduated with my B.S in biology from Cal Poly Pomona in 2019 and took a gap year to obtain patient care hours. I ...