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    Polite way to deal with AWOL CNA’s?

    FYI I am a VERY new nurse. When signing up there wasn’t an option for starting my nursing career in 2020. I would appreciate input on an issue that is impacting my ability to function as a nurse. For context I used to be a CNA and I understand how hard the job is. I was regularly told by nursing staff that I was very good at my job, and other shifts would try to poach me to their shift (haha). I know you have to move fast and efficiently, and that it can be very draining. I am now a nurse. Training was brief and inconsistent and I feel like I am still getting my bearings. I have up to 20 patients a shift. Very needy. Lots of behaviors. VERY heavy medication passes. The CNA’s I am paired with are always nowhere to be found. I genuinely feel like I am doing total patient care for all of my patients. I ask for vitals (when I am stupid busy and CAN’T do them myself) from the CNA’s, I never get them and do them myself. I am constantly having to go find the CNA’s (on their phones, chatting, in the kitchen, etc) and let them know they have call lights on, so-and-so needs to go to bed, etcetera. I am answering 80% of the call lights. Toileting, putting people to bed, etcetera. I just CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME ever find the CNA’s paired with me. I know these are all things that are within my scope of practice, but they significantly impact my ability to act as a nurse. I can do a CNA’s job but they can’t do mine. I’ve talked to them about this and feel like I receive a lot of attitude and push back. I explain that I really need to focus on getting my “nursing flow” down, and constantly doing “their job” (sorry!), really impacts that. If I don’t get a flow down then I can’t expand and help where needed, and my shift will be chaos. I just get “so?”, “ugh, well I’m busy too!” , and other dismissive snide comments. I lost an hour of my med pass once because I did a patient’s entire bedtime routine because they said they didn’t like their CNA, and when I asked another CNA for assistance with this persons cares they gave me a snide “OK? So what?” And didn’t assist at all. Soooo I did it all on my own. I don’t want to be overbearing or rude to the CNA’s I work with. But I am genuinely lost as how to motivate them to do their jobs (?)