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    Thank you for the warm welcome.
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    Where is Dear Diary?

    Long time lurker of ten years, first time poster. Can someone tell me what happened to the Dear Diary thread that used to be in the break room? I miss reading the daily news of everyone from there; Nostars, Amolucia, Tweety, and more. I did a search to try to see if there was a reason it is gone or has been moved but came up with nothing. Thank you to anyone who responds.
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    Hello, all. I’ve been an allnurses lurker since 2010 and finally decided today to make an account. I’ve been a nurse since 2012 and a school nurse for just shy of three years. I have learned so much from all of you and feel so familiar with you due to my long time lurking. I’m the only medical professional in a rural grades 7-12 school of approximately 820 students. We decided on Sunday to close for one week because cases in our community have been exploding and then yesterday we made the tough decision to close until November 30. I am blessed to have amazing support from my administration. We had a great re-entrance plan and our students and staff have eagerly followed the rules because they all wanted to stay in school. Unfortunately most people in our county laugh at the seriousness of this virus, are anti-mask and businesses aren’t enforcing any of the guidelines either. The trickle effect of the carelessness is now effecting our schools. I look forward to now taking part in this great discussion board.