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  1. Nursemomx2

    American Sentinel FNP

    Hey I’m starting patho the 18th too and would love to connect with you guys!
  2. Great.  Perhaps we will “meet” in our class and support each other!   
    Are you doing the FNP or PMHNP route? 

  3. Nursemomx2

    American Sentinel FNP

    Hi there! Thinking of starting there in January. Do you feel like the work is manageable? I have 2 kids under 2 so I’m trying to find the best program to fit my busy life, but still get good education. How much group work/discussion questions/exams would you say there are? Do they help find clinicals? Thank you!
  4. Can anyone share their experience with American Sentinel University for FNP? - how are the classes? completely asynchronous? - any immersion days? -lots of busy work/group work/discussion posts/video submissions? Any info is very much appreciated!