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  1. brandnewRN1617

    Starting in clinic as a new RN

    What are the disadvantages of starting in a clinic or non hospital positions. Will this affect my future job opportunities working in the hospital such as med-surg??
  2. brandnewRN1617

    Seeking first job with no luck.

    Thank you all for your comments. I will fine tune my cover letter and take what you have said into consideration 🙂
  3. brandnewRN1617

    Seeking first job with no luck.

    I am a new graduate; recently passed the NCLEX and received licensure. I have applied to several places recently with no luck thus far. Currently stressing, as I'm seeing many of my classmates landing jobs. I'm wondering if it is my resume/cover letter. I went into the ADN program with no experience in healthcare. I live in a small town and not many opportunities listed, even with COVID. In case it is my cover letter, I wanted to post it here and maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I appreciate any help. Dear XXX, I am writing to express interest in the registered nurse position available listed on XXX. I am a new graduate from XXX nursing program. I am confident that my vast experience in customer service and highly developed interpersonal skills ensures that I meet the qualifications expected in this position. My long-standing role as a server has contributed to my ability to manage a diverse workload under pressure and prioritize tasks efficiently. Furthermore, it enabled me to become accustomed to the fast thinking and decision making needed while working as a nurse. My prior skills cohesively aligned with the expectations within my clinical experience. I demonstrated the ability to provide individualized patient care with compassion and respect while utilizing my exceptional communication skills. Additionally, my calm and patient demeanor allowed me to excel in patient care situations. I am confident that my training, dedication, and hands-on experience with patient care make me the ideal candidate that you are looking for. I am eager to speak with you about the opportunity to join your team. Please refer to the attached resume, which details my skills and qualifications. Thank you for your consideration.