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Tebecca has 25 years experience and specializes in ICU/PCU.

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  1. Tebecca

    When/How to interview when in HPRP

    Can we chat privately ? I have questions about a few interviews I’ve had.
  2. Anyone know of places in Michigan that currently hire nurses in HPRP?


  3. Tebecca

    Leaving HPRP-Work Suggestions?

    I would like to chat if you don’t mind. I’m on my way to sign my agreement and would like to ask a few questions. if you don’t mind my email is gracesmith675309@gmail.com Thank you for your story.. it helped
  4. Tebecca

    When/How to interview when in HPRP

    My email is gracesmith675309@gmail.com
  5. Tebecca

    When/How to interview when in HPRP

    I’m in the Novi area
  6. Tebecca

    When/How to interview when in HPRP

    Yes I’m in MI.. I’m feeling very overwhelmed. I have questions. Could we chat privately?
  7. Hi Abby,

    can you message me.  I would like to ask some advice.  I would also like to share my situation.


  8. I just had to go into HPRP. I’m looking for suggesting on how to obtain a job. What to say during or after an interview. I refuse to let this stop me from moving forward. I will do what I have to and know that this will eventually be in my past. I could use some support and try and support others. My email is gracesmith675309@gmail.com