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  1. Hey everyone! I’m trying to find specific (and current) info about the AO BSN program offered at UTA. If anyone is in the program right now, or has just graduated, I would greatly appreciate it if you could respond to any of the following: 1. Upper-div schedule (preferably at the College Station location, but please respond with the schedule for any location): Are clinicals and labs on Saturdays and Sundays most of the time and how often are they during the week? Could somebody just tell me what their schedule looks/looked like as an example? I spoke with an advisor, but they couldn’t give me specifics. They said that, once accepted into the upper division, the schedule would vary by term and that one wouldn’t be able to see it until 30 days prior to starting. I have 2 young kids and my husband works M-F, so I kinda wanted to see an example schedule and have at least some idea long before that about what I could (potentially) expect and how to plan for childcare. I’m currently working on my prereqs and planning to apply to the upper-div program for Spring 2022. 2. Also, the exams during the upper-division program: I was told that depending on the course, some of them would have to be taken at a testing center during the week. Again, if somebody could tell me how many courses required this (as opposed to online proctored exams taken from home); was there a specific “exam day” or does it change from week to week or course to course; and are there specific times the exams are scheduled for (mornings/evenings)? 3. Lastly, for anyone who has taken at least some of their prerequisites at UTA (dynamic sessions), and is currently in the upper division, how would you say the course load and difficulty compare between the lower and the upper division? Just curious. I read elsewhere someone comment that their Chem course alone was harder than their entire J1 term LOL. So, do/did you find some upper-div courses easier than some lower-div ones based on your experience? Thanks in advance!