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  1. Job Offers

    Jupiter101- I would not know, I only attended class for a couple days. However personally I think I should’ve just done the RN program instead of the LPN. The long gap between completing the LPN program and getting enrolled in the advanced standing R...
  2. Scope in Michigan

    How do I find michigan's scope of practice for LPNs? I went to michigan LARA website, and searched for the NPA, but it says michigan does not have a NPA, but instead it is a consolidated practice act. I cannot find it for the life of me.... help ple...
  3. Job Offers

    I recently withdrew my spot in the RN program ☹️ I had gone on call to accommodate the schedule, but ended up withdrawing. It seems like the right time to pivot into a new position. For job #2 my would be supervisor is actually also an LPN. So I am n...
  4. Job Offers

    They did say they were also interviewing RNs for this position as well. I appreciate your input, you have raised some good points that I need to consider. I don’t think you are a weirdo! LOL
  5. Job Offers

    I have a couple pending offers, and I am looking for advice. I have already consulted my friends and family. And general consensus is do what makes you most excited. To give you some background, I am in my late 20s, and have been an LPN in sub acute ...
  6. LPN-extra certifications

    I am curious, is it worth it for LPNs to obtain extra certifications? I am from Michigan, and they do not hire LPNs anymore in hospitals. I currently can work in clinics, in home care, and long term care settings. I want to open the door to other opp...
  7. Does anyone actually like working in the rehab unit?

    Thank you, I ended up cutting down my hours. I think I was getting burnt out, and started to have a negative attitude. I feel like I can add more hours later once I get my mojo back. I also work on the long term care side more, gives me a break ...
  8. Does anyone actually like working in the rehab unit?

    I like it. But it seems like the volume of work in such a short amount of time is impossible. Especially when we get 3-4 admissions back to back toward the later end of our shift. What did you find helped during these busy times?
  9. Does anyone actually like working in the rehab unit?

    I want to add that all the other nurses in my unit feel the same way, and I have heard from CNAs that the nurses have left the floor in tears many times. The nurses I am in close contact with sometimes text while I am off and they are working that th...
  10. Curious if there is anyone out there who feels they have mastered the rehab unit in long term care. I have been working in rehab for about a year and half now. I would compare it to being on a rollercoaster. But the with more lows than highs. F...
  11. LPN to ADN

    I have been an LPN for a little over 2 years now. I have been slowly working on general education courses required for the ADN program. I am expected to start the program in Winter or Summer 2022. The past month I have been doubting this path. In the...
  12. opioids

    With the opioid epidemic, Im curious if other nurses have switched up their strategy for medicating patients for pain. I know pain is subjective, and it is up to the patient to state their pain. But truly so many patients will rate their pain high, b...
  13. Medication Error

    Hello, At my current place of employment we use Point Click Care. If a medication error is made then an incident report is made, and you have to sign it. The incident report can be seen by everyone who uses point click care. I feel this is viola...