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  1. suturethis

    LPN to ADN

    I have been an LPN for a little over 2 years now. I have been slowly working on general education courses required for the ADN program. I am expected to start the program in Winter or Summer 2022. The past month I have been doubting this path. In the past I was so excited about nursing, and truly felt this was my calling. Lately I feel so discouraged, and doubting if I am truly capable of becoming a competent RN. I also fear I am already losing my passion for nursing. I love the variety of patients I get to help care for in the sub acute rehab unit I work in, but I find all the documentation and passing so so many medications dreadful. I also feel so discouraged how politics seems to have wormed its way into our field, and I don't want to get into that. However, It feels more divided than ever. I also find it so discouraging with Covid 19 how much it has affected our patients and how many inconsistent policies have been put in place. I don't feel excited about this career path anymore. But this was huge goal of mine, and I also do not want to be disappointed for not accomplishing this goal. Maybe I just need a change of setting. This is the only setting I have worked in as an LPN. I am finding that I dread going to work everyday. Do you guys think this is a sign that I should switch paths? I honestly don't even know what else I would do.
  2. suturethis


    With the opioid epidemic, Im curious if other nurses have switched up their strategy for medicating patients for pain. I know pain is subjective, and it is up to the patient to state their pain. But truly so many patients will rate their pain high, but appear as comfortable as can be. I work with old school nurses who seem to always resort to strong opioids. What have you found helpful, especially from someone who is recovering from surgery. When do you try to wean them off their stronger pain medications?
  3. suturethis

    Medication Error

    Hello, At my current place of employment we use Point Click Care. If a medication error is made then an incident report is made, and you have to sign it. The incident report can be seen by everyone who uses point click care. I feel this is violating my privacy. I understand if I make an error, that is my own wrong doing, but I don't feel comfortable with the fact that anyone can view this. I was wondering what other facilities do for this. This is a newer process for med errors that started a few months back.