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    Nursing Diagnosis

    COULD ANYONE HELP ME COME UP WITH NURSING DIAGNOSIS FOR THIS CASE STUDY. Greatly appreciate it! Mark is a 37 year old male who appears unconscious and in cardiac arrest. He is a full code status. Mark has a family history of cardiac conditions. He was last seen well at 15:30 and was complaining of chest tightness and his heart racing. His wife reported that he said was having trouble breathing and felt lightheaded and dizzy prior to syncope. His wife witnessed his collapse, called EMS and started CPR. Upon arrival, the patient was unconscious with a pulse. EMS intubated him at the scene. His vital signs are as follows: 98.7, 170, 20, 100/70, and 92% while being bagged with 100% FiO2. The patient has fast, shallow respirations with clear lung sounds. Heart sounds are regular. The ECG shows the patient to be in sinus tach