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    Passed AANP 2020

    Hello all! I wrote and passed my AANP and vowed to passed it forward as I stalked these forums while preparing for it! Like what most of these forums suggest, Leik is a God send! Read it cover to cover (except for the professional role stuff). Highly recommend, even with the mistakes, just look up whatever you feel isn't correct. I had access to her review course booklet and there were a few topics not in the text but feel like they are common sense if you were a relatively "good student". Along with Leik I purchased PSI questions, just one set and did two APEA predictor exams which helps to identify your weak areas. I do agree that they're much harder than the actual exam itself. That's it! Yes, that's it. I had access to Fitzgerald but decided not to use it as I felt it was information overload and I had little time to study for it. My biggest tip (and I read this from someone's else suggestion on this blog) is to NOT read these forums close at least 1-2 weeks from your test date. It'll increase your anxiety for nothing. Good luck to all. You got this! Please pay it forward and support this community when you pass :). All the best!