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APike has 16 years experience and specializes in PMHNP/FNP.

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  1. APike

    ANCC Frustrations

    This is exactly how I feel right now. I am fortunate to only have one course left, but a lot of work to do since I lost my project site (due to COVID and job loss). So, my entire demographic will change as well. Like you said, I have no choice but to finish the DNP this semester. I am so thankful that my new psych/MH position has allowed me to start as an FNP.
  2. APike

    ANCC Frustrations

    I haven’t asked ANCC about that, but from what I have read on their website, your application is considered “abandoned” after 2 years if you are a DNP student, 1 year for MSN students. I only have the 1 class, which is the end of my DNP project, so hopefully it won’t be an issue to complete. The position I have accepted is at a behavioral health center and I would be seeing adults and children. It’s an awesome position and I am going to be heartbroken if it does not work out.
  3. APike

    ANCC Frustrations

    I have been an FNP since 2011 and am now enrolled in a DNP/PMHNP program. I completed all of the PMHNP didactic and clinical work in May 2020. I passed PMHNP boards September 1, 2020. I am one class away from completing my DNP (final portion of project) and was supposed to graduate in December, however I lost my job due to COVID (and therefore my project site) on September 29. The DNP program decided that it would be best for me to withdraw from the final class and complete it in the Spring. ANCC is refusing to release my PMHNP certification because my transcript does not have a final graduation date. It took 3 weeks to even get them to respond to my questions, and I am extremely frustrated with them. The dean and associate director of my nursing program have sent in a gap analysis as well as PMHNP program completion verification, but they are still refusing to release my certification. I feel like I am being punished for going for the DNP! Anyone have a similar experience? I am supposed to start a new PMHNP position on November 17 and don’t know what to do!