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  1. working at University of Iowa

    Hi, I am planning on working at the University of Iowa when I graduate. I was wondering if anyone is working there now or worked there in the past, and their thoughts, good, bad, or indifferent.
  2. St Mary's letters

    Anyone anything? My buddy is chomping at the bit. He still hasn't heard anything.
  3. St Mary's letters

    Talked to someone in the department the other day and they siad the realistic timeline for interview letter would be the last week of the month. So if you haven't heard anything yet it is probably a really good thing, and hang in there. For those of...
  4. Hello, I have had kind of a whirlwind week. I contacted the University of Iowa at the beginning of the week and now I am going to do a site visit the 28th. The director just contacted me tonight and wants a CV. I have no idea where to start. I was wo...
  5. St Mary's letters

    Anyone hear anything yet? I'm in the program now and have heard from classmates rejection letters have gone out. I am interested because I'm hoping my friend gets an interview. Maybe no news is good news right now?
  6. St Mary's letters

    Anyone know when the letters come out?
  7. C's get degrees

    I had a few C's in undergrad. My under grad GPA was a 2.9. I had to take 6 or 7 grad classes to raise my GPA to a 3.01. It took me 2 or 3 extra years to get into grad school. I wouldn't be too worried about 1 class though. Just do well in everything ...
  8. writing a recommendation

    i have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for a former coworker who is now applying to schools. does anyone have a good website to look at for suggestions or have suggestions themselves on what to say in a good recommendation letter? than...
  9. Wait list SMU?

    Yep, the wait list is in automatically in the following year. 3 of us got in this past spring off of the waiting list, the year before no one got in off of the list. They just had to wait. I'm not sure how many from the waiting lilst wait until the n...
  10. St. Mary's

    I'm attending St. Marys in Minneapolis this year. They have changed the format a little, but is pretty much the same. I think the only real difference is two of the professors are doing the interviews. Merri isn't doing many if any of the interviews....
  11. Help, best study tips for SRNA

    I totally agree. I start school this Monday and you have to maintain a B average to stay in school. Just "squeaking" by with B's is stressful. One small falter and you are having to work your butt off to bring your gpa back up to a 3.0.
  12. Not rejected, but alternate

    I got in off of the alternate list and start this May so it does happen. It actually looks like one other person in my program got in off the list. It does happen. The nice thing about my program is the give each alternate a number and the school pos...
  13. Actually there are some programs with a min 2.75 out there. I am going to St. Marys in Minneapolis and their gpa min is 2.75. Their average GPA for applicants is still above 3 though.
  14. Hurry up and wait...

    I was in this exact situation. I got wait listed back in August and just got a call mid-jan saying I was accepted. Luckily I only live an hour from the program and was able to get things in order to start this May. The other nice thing about this pro...
  15. Mt. Marty

    Did any of you current CRNA's got to Mount Marty? Could you givem e any insight on the program? Thanks