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    Holy Family University ABSN FAll 2021

    Hi Everyone, I was recently accepted to the 14 month program in Newtown. I have two questions. Does anyone know where clinicals typically take place for HFU? What are their partnerships, etc? Do those of you not from the area plan on living on-campus or in the surrounding areas? I am from the most southeastern part of PA and have never been to bucks. I am trying to determine if I should live in newtown, philly, or attempt to live somewhere in between. I figured amtrak would take students from the newtown campus to and from philly but did not see a route when I looked. Any help would be appreciated. Happy Holidays!
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    Could you please share what program you are currently in for your direct entry masters and if you like it?
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    Hello, I wanted to see if anyone else has been in my situation and was successful at attaining a BSN. My freshman year of college I was a biology major. I disliked being a bio major and attempted to switch into nursing after my first semester. I was unable to and instead went on to complete my BS in public health, which I enjoyed but did not give me the same satisfaction as nursing. Senior year of high school, I did clinicals through a local tech school but it left me with a limited perception of nursing which is why I did not choose to pursue nursing in the first place (Clearly, I am kicking myself now for this LOL). I tried to apply to a local community college for an AASN program and was rejected. This was surprising to me as I graduated with a 3.6 for my BSPH and have had over a year of experience working as a Nursing Assitant. The only reasons for rejection that I could come up with was that my Kaplan exam score was low but still met the requirements. I also technically live out of state, as I live in the county of the state next to this community college's location (and this was during covid). I now attend another community college and am finishing up my prerequisites but my overall science GPA is trash. I am a good student and a great healthcare worker just my science GPA does not show it. I am willing to relocate to almost anywhere on the east coast. I just applied to Jefferson's FACT 1 Year ABSN but am worried my application will be tossed from my science GPA alone. Does anyone have any other program suggestions? I am currently looking at Gwynedd Mercy, Medical University of South Carolina, and Salisbury but could really use some advice. Here are my stats if this gives you a better picture. BSPH Cum GPA: 3.65 Major GPA: 3.94 Science GPA: (missing Micro and A&P II): 2.87 Sciences: A&P I: C (this was the worst class I have taken, the teacher ended up "leaving" while on tenure), A&PII: taking this Spring at ComCollege, Microbiology: taking currently B, Statistics: B+, Nutrition: A, Chem: C+, Chem Lab: A(from another chem class, so I am unsure if this even counts but the lab for regular chem was unavailable) Other courses I've seen certain universities require: Psych: B, Human Development: A, Medical Terminology: A, Abnormal Psych: A, Public Health Statistics: A, Research Methods: A, Ethics: A, Writing 1: A-, Writing 2: A, Sociology: B Any help or suggestion would be thoroughly appreciated!