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Yve has 7 years experience as a CNA and specializes in CNA/Medical-Surg. Tech.

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  1. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    Has anyone received any emails yet?
  2. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    Nothing yet! I think we might be hearing within the next two weeks.
  3. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    From what I remember: What is your philosophy on nursing? When is a time you took initiative? Explain the role of a nurse during a community disaster. How will you make sure you can manage daily life duties and studying? There were 2 written r...
  4. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    They should be calling you soon I’m sure! Check your voicemail! They left me one yesterday. I applied to Galens BSN program! Honestly I’m still unsure. I’m thinking Galen over UIW, it’s a bit cheaper. My cousin is on her last semester with UIW and s...
  5. UIW Fall 2021

    Hello! I see a few similar users from UTHSCSAs thread! I also applied to UIW and just got called to schedule an interview yesterday! My top choice is UTHSCSA, but at this point I really don’t care where I go. I just really want to be a nurse already!...
  6. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Applicants

    Greetings Fall 2021 applicants! I hope everyone stayed warm and safe during the Winter storm! This will be my second time applying to UTHSCSA. I applied for the Spring and got interviewed- I didn’t make the cut. I was told it was extremely ...
  7. UTHSCSA Fall 2021 Traditional BSN

    Greetings fall 2021 applicants! I hope everyone stayed safe during the storm! This will also be my second time applying to UTHSCSA. I applied for the Spring and got interviewed but did not make the cut. It is even more competitive now th...