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    Nursing school with DUI?

    Hello Nurses Aspiring nurse in California here. Unfortunately, I recently got convicted of a DUI & Hit and Run. These are the only things on my record. This actually happened over a year and a half ago but due to covid, the courts have been very slow to process. I will be on informal probation for 36 months and have to complete DUI school. I understand the severity of what I did and this whole ordeal was so stressful I will never drink and drive again. So I have a couple of questions for any nurses with experience in this situation. 1) Can I even get into a nursing program that will allow me to do clinical while on probation/DUI records? 2) If I can go to school would it be better to go through a private nursing program or a state school? 3) Should I just do something else? ( I really wanna be a nurse though) Thanks for reading, I look forward to your replies.