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  1. nurse1920

    Gaining NICU experience in a pandemic

    Hi everyone, I'm a nursing student and I am really interested in working on a NICU unit when I graduate. I signed up to be a volunteer cuddler and shadow opportunities but they have all been cancelled due to the pandemic. I applied for a PCT job on a NICU unit, but didn't get it due to a lack of experience. I want to gain more experience with this patient population while I'm in school to boost my chances of being hired onto a NICU unit when I graduate. But it seems like so many opportunities have shut down due to COVID-19. I completely understand why, but I would appreciate any advice on any activities to do to gain experience to be a NICU nurse!! I'm open to any ideas. If you're a nurse who works on a NICU unit, what activities or opportunities did you do to get there? If you're a charge nurse or manager, what do you like from your applicants? What do you wish more of them had done before applying for a job in the NICU? Thank you!!
  2. nurse1920

    Peds Experience for Nursing Students?

    Hi everyone, I'm in nursing school and I want to be a pediatric nurse. My program does not have a clinical rotation in peds, and with the pandemic I'm nervous that I won't be able to choose my placement for my last semester. I've tried to sign up for volunteer and shadow opportunities, but they've all been shut down due to the pandemic. I completely understand why, but I need advice on how to gain experience with this population when I can't volunteer. I also looked for CNA/PCT positions but have not seen any available. If you are currently a peds nurse or are a manager on a peds unit, what are some of the activities you did to gain experience in peds? What helped get you to the peds unit? What do you wish more nursing students did? I'll appreciate any and all advice! Thank you!!