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    Student nurse questions...

    So I'm new here and not totally sure the best place to post/ask these questions but here goes: I am a prenursing (doing prereqs currently) student, who has also worked as a CNA and med tech for about 4 years before I had my daughter. I developed a love for high pressure and high responsibility situations and I really want to go into critical care/ER specialties. My ultimate goal is flight nursing. I think I'd like to do long range fixed wing transport, but I havent been able to find anyone to talk to who has experience in this. My husband is director of matinence for a long range air ambulance company that does things like bring transplants from Hawaii to the mainland, pick up US citizens from overseas and transport them home etc. This is very intriguing for me due to the travel element and also the fact that they tend to transport stable patients (they're falcon 50s so they're not going to accident scenes or anything.) Anyway, does anyone have experience with being this type of long range flight nurse? Second, I have a one year old who I'd prefer to homeschool and certainly don't want to send to preschool or anything sooner than I have to. My husband is very supportive but works all day and my mom lives out of town so I don't have alot of childcare options. Has anyone managed to go to school in a situation like this? I know it may be more possible now with online schooling but I'd like to do in person as much as possible. Do nursing schools do evening classes or accommodate home situations at all? Has anyone managed to go to school while also being an involved parent? How is it done?... thanks!