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    Hello! I am currently finishing my first semester in the program. For fall intake the second round of offers usually goes out in May, after the Pre-Health students finish their semester (some lose offers due to grades slipping). After that point...
  2. Mohawk College RPN Winter 2021

    It was 10 maybe 12 spots. Fall semester is usually more high demand because of highschool students finishing school in June
  3. Mohawk College RPN Winter 2021

    That's not bad at all! Last semester I was 50th, and I followed up quite often. Deposits are due Monday for the students who have already been accepted, so I'd send in an email on Tuesday or Wednesday to see where you are after that ☺️
  4. Mohawk College RPN Winter 2021

    You email admissions and they will tell you. I had to do that for fall intake
  5. Mohawk College RPN Winter 2021

    @anelej oh man that sucks! I hope you hear something soon! Covid has really made things complicated for school for everyone. @Teddyhlc I had at least 85 in all of my classes, and I had a 88avg for HOAE. Even with these marks I was waitlisted for...
  6. Mohawk College RPN Winter 2021

    I applied for Winter 2021 start as well, and I received my offer this past Friday. I am a mature student (completed pre health) and I completed my HOAE exam early as I had applied for September and was waitlisted! Hopefully you guys hear back soon!

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