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  1. I don't know...I don't think you really need to be a "top" student necessarily. Put forth some decent effort and you should be able to do well enough to get mainly As and a couple Bs in the prereqs. If you have a avg to slightly above avg IQ you have...
  2. I love this answer!! Thanks
  3. Wake Tech Fall 2021 ADN program

    Yea the low 140s is kinda the cutoff I believe, at least it was last semester
  4. Wearing a beard as a male nurse?

    You're likely going to have a beard in your final exams week like it or not!
  5. I am very hesitant when touching patients, and want to be as delicate as possible, but I know that in the long run this is going to be a detriment to providing the best level of care I can. Is it just a matter of getting more and more experiences and...
  6. How much of a path to an MD/DO is there from the nursing path? is there a point after becoming a BSN that there is an entry into it that isn't as long of a time to finish as the typical route? I figure there are many programs that most people aren't ...
  7. Anyone have an opinion on the fact that my part time marketing job makes as much if not more than an RN? Should I try to work full time instead and just pare down on school stuff atm? I do only take 1 core nursing class per semester (its "tiered" ......
  8. I don't believe what you are saying, "it's too late to be an MD" is just showing me you have either a lack of ingenuity, a predilection toward conventional (read: "wrong" ) wisdom and lack an ability to seek any and all other opportunities out to fin...
  9. Whats with the thyroid workup by the way? Just curious what sparked that comment.
  10. As far as I know, as long as its not the Coast Guard (limits 27 yrs old) or Marines, I do not think the Army, Navy and air force have traditional age limits, its just based on how in shape you are and ready for the scope of the work you must perform....
  11. Not to get too personal but I have pretty bad adhd which probably explains your observation.
  12. Not trying to brag, but confidence in my academic prowess is not something I lack.I know I'd stand a good chance of getting into any program I chose really, its more a question of which approach is most conducive and how best to discover said approac...
  13. I have been contemplating not really even working as a CNA and just sticking to my main source of income which is doing promotional marketing. I can make about 50k/yr on less than full time hours even and I have not much work obligations outside my a...
  14. Yes, I realize I may have been too overeager this first semester. I have one clinical day per week which is supposed to last from 3:30pm-9pm. The rest of the days of the M-Thur. week are aprx 4 hrs with theory and lab scattered in. I am now planning ...