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  1. Sorry I was so defensive. But let's just shake on it and agree no harm no foul and say good day? I appreciate your comment actually and your sentiment was 100%; I just thought it came with malice aforethought (which I clearly don't think is true tbh...)I can be aggressively prideful about my own estimation of my command of the English language in an obnoxious way... On a side note, I likely not going to do Med school, and at least in the near term, I do not believe. I would rather do PA school in all honestly as it is a much shorter and direct entry into that very same which is the main reason I made this post was because I felt I would miss that facet that is brought into play by becoming a PA moreso than an NP. Trying to look for shadowing now, and doing GRE and starting work as CNA at Duke to get clinical experience asap. Really, just wondering about what to do now...Do I even need to take Organic chem 1 & 2 and Physics and Biochem? I was planning to take the Mcat but if all I need is the GRE and several thousand hrs direct contact hrs with patients maybe I can just take a few remaining classes and apply as an RN with an associates of nursing and maybe a BA in Biology or something instead of having to wait until I'd finished my RN-BSN to even apply for PA school. I'd say I could be ready to apply to PA school and enter directly in about time it'll take me to finish my ADN and get a BA which I could do at NC state or something concurrently with nursing ADN. Any thoughts?
  2. Ouch. I will agree that my informal writing can be the adhd-variant. My academic writing is always 95-100% grade though and all the time teachers used my essays as the examples. That comes from trying to type at the pace my brain is thinking.
  3. Just got ito ADN program...takes 5 semesters. Have 80 some credits, 3.9 GPA in science and math, and a CNA cert. I am about to start it in a mont but I am thinking....I am probably going to look back and say damn I wish I just committed and went all in on medicine and became an MD. What do I do? I also was offered an EMT program which they would cover everything for at zero no cost to me for duration of program, if maybe that provides any benefit to that end? I am 32 yr old male, recently my gf and I broke up after both moving to RTP area NC from MD together, not knowing anyone here. I feel I am in a position best suited to make such a split second determination to scrap the RN aspect and just go everything in on an MD... What do ya'll think. My main motives for it are I am really excited to learn about the deeper aspects of the science of our anatomies and why the body processes and everything works. I am fascinated by it and want to do labs with cadavers and other cool things. I just don't know it would be nice to be in a program right now and be out there in clinicals and feeling like I was done with this onlines course self study stuff......
  4. I got acceptance notice from an ADN program that begins in Jan. and am excited but already my ambitions (and my previous traumatic experiences of not preparing well enough in advance) are making me already obsess a bit over how to best position myself for the next steps and education paths toward a more autonomous position as an NP or maybe a PA. I know I am putting the cart way before the horse here, but I do feel the march of time going by as I am older than normal for this kind of thing I guess (32y.o). I also don't have much of a social life or anything currently and moved to a total new state without knowing anyone so I am pretty much totally invested in my future career and schooling right now. Any advice? I am looking forward to the time when there are actual in person classes and forming a network with people in the profession so I can just get to learning actual practical things and not having my mind racing to the end all the time...But to the point, are there things I should be preparing for now, and if so, what are they?
  5. MDBoy

    Does dating get easier as a male nurse in his 30s?

    LOL just know there are tons of guys in similar positions as you. As long as you're somewhat decent looking, the fact that you are goal oriented and smart will attract quality mates. Good luck and have some more faith in yourself man! I am literally in the same exact boat as you and am still in love with my ex but know that that chapter is over! Women are out there no reason to be alone forever man.
  6. I got mine a few days ago on the 21st from Wake Tech's ADN program. Orientation is Oct 28th.
  7. So I was accepted to my school I applied to for their nursing program in the Spring 2021 upcoming semester. I have finished all the non-nursing courses required which will make it easier to work while in the program I think. However, I am positioning myself for post-graduate educational goals (RN-BSN then eventually the final goal being an PA,CRNA, or NP) What should I do for work during this period of time? I have my CNA I cert which I just got as a prereq for my program (which is Wake Tech in Raleigh NC btw) but was going to work in the non-medical field as I have good experience in customer service and can make a good amount ($22-24/hr) in a job I was just offered, granted the hours can be more night time focused which might be harder. I was just curious what the community thought. I would love to work less and make enough to have enough free time at this point to be able to get by without the struggles that have marked this last year what with moving to a new area and all that entails. BTW my stats are I have 73 college credit hours and a 3.75 GPA. My only grade that is not an A out of all the science/math prereqs (I.e. A&P, Precalc, Bio, etc) is Microbio of which I got a high B.