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  1. tangerine510

    Non Clinical Positions For New Grads

    You may want to look into working at a fertility clinic. Nurses there often do less bedside work and more coordination and communicating info/ instructions to patients 🙂
  2. tangerine510

    CNS vs. Public Health Nurse

    Hi all, I am hoping to get some advice about choosing my concentration in my accelerated MSN program (at SF state in California). I have the option between choosing CNS certification (adult/geriatric, women's, pediatric, or psych), or specializing in public health and becoming a certified Public Health nurse. I eventually want to go back to school to become an FNP and work in a primary care outpatient setting. I chose the Public Health concentration because it seemed most relevant to this type of work. However, I am now questioning whether the CNS would be a more valuable degree, and open doors in terms of getting jobs and/or going back to school for my FNP certificate? Would be super grateful to hear anyone’s advice or input on this. Thanks in advance!
  3. tangerine510

    Samuel Merritt University ABSN Spring 2021

    Hi all, Waitlisted for Sac as well. It's a little hard not to get discouraged given how dang competitive this program and similar ones are. Have people had luck with reapplying? Does this offer some kind of advantage? Not sure I want to re-apply with basically the same application :/