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    Help I'm failing Anatomy for a 2nd time?

    I am taking AP-1, AP-2, and Micro in the same semester this fall. AP is split into 2 8 week courses. I have completed 1 already. The thing I have realized about these classes is that it is a lot of work. Let me repeat, IT IS A LOT OF WORK!! It is 12 credit hours but it feels like 24. I spend 25-30 hours a week at a minimum studying, reading, doing homework, and watching different lectures of the same material on Youtube. My method of studying is this: 1. Read the chapter and study body parts and try to have 85%+ memorized before class. Memorize all key terms and their definitions listed in the chapter. 2. Attend Lecture. I do not take notes and focus 100% on listening to what is being said. 3. Do the chapter homework/associated lab. 4. Watch lecture on Youtube of the same material but presented by someone else. There are a lot of good Youtube channels that present this information very well. 5. read chapter power point slides 2-3 times 6. Take chapter quizzes to help study 8. re-do homework/lab if grade was less than a 90. 9. memorize all body parts repeat for each chapter..... For memorizing all the body parts, repetition is key. First I will look at the figures in the book of the body parts and work on one figure at a time to try and memorize it. Then I will usually draw the body parts out myself and label them from scratch, noting what areas I cannot remember. Then I will take a blank body part worksheet and try and fill it out completely from memory. The things that I miss or am not certain on I will focus on those areas to refine my memorization until I have it all down.
  2. The nursing school I will be attending in the Spring only does 1 biology course per semester taken in order of A&P-1, then A&P-2, then Microbiology. The program is a 2nd degree BSN so all my classes are just nursing focused and most cannot be taken until you have completed the biology courses. By taking the classes through the nursing school it was going to add 3 semesters to my study plan and was not going to work with my target date for completion. So I am taking my biology courses at a community college. The community college offers Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 as 8 week courses in the same semester and they let me into the Microbiology class without Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2 completed. I just wrapped up my first 8 week A&P 1 class and did really well. So far I am doing really well in Micro and we just took midterms. It is a lot of work, a lot of reading, and a lot of studying. I probably spend 3 or 4 hours a night 5 or 6 nights every week doing homework, reading, working on labs, taking quizzes, etc....
  3. I said it. I am a male nursing student. I am scared. At times, mostly all the time, constantly ask myself: WHAT DID I JUST GET MYSELF INTO?!?!? I am currently working on finishing my Biology courses. I just finished an 8 week A&P-1 class, I am starting another 8 week A&P-2 course and currently taking a 16 week Microbiology class. It is a lot of work especially with working full-time, being a husband, and a father to 3 kids. With these 3 biology courses taken in one semester, it feels overwhelming at times but certainly doable. How would this semester's workload compare to a normal semester in nursing school with the nursing classes? I am starting a 2nd degree BSN program this Spring that is 5 semesters long. luckily the program is a hybrid online, evenings, and weekends and I can keep my full-time job while doing the program. Males nurses out there, what have your experiences been as being a male in a female-dominated profession? I am already surrounded by girls at home and that doesn't bother me. I honestly prefer to sometimes work with females over males as I find they have better work ethics than most men do.