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  1. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    Hi, I did not receive a package from the school; I only received the online pdf of my acceptance. Not sure if they mail that kind of stuff out to transfer students.
  2. Please Help: Student Loan Debt

    Nursing was not on my radar back in high school, so I only applied to California universities as a Chemistry major. When I was researching ABSN programs last year, I took a huge risk and only applied to NYU because it had all the qualities I wa...
  3. Please Help: Student Loan Debt

    You’re right thank you so much. I’ll definitely contact the financial aid office.
  4. Please Help: Student Loan Debt

    I've been applying to a few different ones, but I doubt I'll be successful.
  5. Please Help: Student Loan Debt

    I recently confirmed my enrollment in NYU's Accelerated BSN Program for Fall 2021, and I'm extremely concerned about the amount of student loan debt I'll accumulate later in life. I knew their program was costly, but it's really hitting me now that I...
  6. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    Hey there and thanks for replying! I just want to say that I appreciate you sharing your experience. I think it's fantastic that we all come from different backgrounds and will be able to learn from each other while striving to be the best nurses we ...
  7. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    Thank you so much!! I received an email saying an important update is ready to view at 2:14pm. I was on the plane all morning so I wasn’t able to check for any portal changes beforehand.
  8. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    What are the odds of getting accepted into NYU when flying out to NY for a graduation trip with your family?? Because that happened to me today! I was hysterically crying when my plane landed haha For those still waiting to hear back: Don’t lose...
  9. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to respond to my question. My parents give me the "It's okay, you're only 22" excuse every week, which is true but doesn't help in this situation, haha. So reading about your unique experiences of getti...
  10. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    I'd like to ask those who have already been accepted into the program a question: Are any of you recent new grads or graduating in May 2021? Many individuals seem to have been out of college for several years and have incredible work experience ...
  11. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    Undergraduate admissions stated that notifications about our admissions decision would be sent via email! Although I have been checking my portal once a day because I am very anxious haha
  12. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    Congratulations, Laura and Ank2108!
  13. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    That's interesting because when I asked if I should submit both CSS and FAFSA during an information session, one of the faculty members said to only fill out the FAFSA... I wish I submitted CSS anyways haha
  14. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    I had the same problem. I mailed in my transcripts in early February and submitted my application on February 28th. After receiving my NYU Portal login on March 3rd, all 3 of my transcripts had the "awaiting" status. I emailed undergraduate admission...
  15. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    Hey everyone! I'm in the process of applying for the Fall 2021 cohort, and I'm beyond nervous! I'm graduating in the Spring of 2021 with a B.S. in Exercise Science. I have some healthcare experience as a CNA and also tutored students in A&P. Here...