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    Becoming an Air Force Nurse in DETAIL

    Let’s preface this with what I’m currently weighing. I am a 23y Black woman. I currently work as an RN in a Level1 Trauma Center in Detroit. And I’m thinking about joining the military. It's more so about the benefits and travel for me, honestly. I use this country and they use me, its whatever. But being a black woman and pretending to care about a country that does not care about me in the slightest is really hard for me to reconcile and I feel like this would become a major issue for me later. Like I have not stood for the national anthem in YEARS. I know the military changes people, but I don’t want the core of who I am to be changed. But to the meat, I really need to know what joining the military as a nurse is like in DETAIL from sending your packet, OCT, training, and what deployment and service is like. The idea of flight nursing and traveling is very exciting to me, but living on a base, not really having a life outside the military is not. I need to know what I’m getting into and I don’t want a recruiter xxxxxxxxxxxx me. I would love to hear from a flight nurse or other black nurses in the military, or really anyone who knows what this life entails. Thanks 🤍