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  1. Yale New Haven New Grad Pay

    Does anyone know how much Yale New Haven is paying new grad nurses? I can’t find any information any where. Thanks in advance.
  2. Drexel ACE Program Fall 2022

    Yes, each clinical will be at different hospitals and the hospitals can be as far as 1-1.5 hours from Philly!
  3. Drexel ACE Program Fall 2022

    Yeah the first quarter there is 1 clinical which is for fundamentals of nursing. It is every other week. On your week you don’t have clinical, you have lab. Q2 - 3 clinicals med surg 1, mental health, gerontology. Clinical is every week for 9 we...
  4. Drexel ACE Program Fall 2022

    So far I would say my nursing school experience has been tough, but definitely manageable. The first quarter isn’t too much, but the 2nd and 3rd quarters are content heavy and we pretty much had exams for 5 weeks straight in those quarters. Q2 and Q3...
  5. Drexel ACE Program Fall 2022

    I think you have excellent chances of getting into the program! My stats were not even great, including a sub-3.0 cumulative GPA, but I applied early and did well in my last 60 credits including my prerequisites and I’m in my last quarter for the pro...
  6. Drexel ACE Program (Fall 2021)

    The passing score is a 77% which is considered a C. Patho is taken in you first quarter, and Pharma is taken over 2 quarters (Q2 and Q3). In the first quarter we have 5 classes with clinicals once a week every other week. Hope that helps!
  7. Drexel ACE Program Fall 2022

    Hi everyone, I will be starting in the Fall 2021 cohort pretty soon! I had my application completed by the end of September 2020, and received my decision by mid-November. Also, because Drexel is rolling admission, I think applying earlier in the cyc...
  8. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    I was also rejected! I’m a little bummed, but thankfully I will be attending Drexel in the fall. Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted!
  9. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    Now all the buttons have disappeared, including my withdraw button! I’m super nervous right now.
  10. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    The button to update my prerequisite courses just disappeared!
  11. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    I just checked my portal today and the “NYU Application Information Update Request” has disappeared. I hope I get some good news this coming week!
  12. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    I haven’t gotten any update either.
  13. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    I also applied for financial aid and my FAFSA has been showing as received since December, which is when I submitted. However, I have these notifications on NYU Albert that just popped up yesterday and today. I’m not sure if NYU begins to review fina...
  14. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    Same here! I really hope I receive a decision today and good luck to everyone else!
  15. NYU ABSN FAll 2021

    My checklist disappeared as well! I applied in early December, so hopefully a decision is coming soon!