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  1. almostnurse20

    Nursing student- there is hope

    Awesome thanks for the advice. My BAC was .06, but who knows what will happen because it is on a case by case basis. Hopefully I can luck out like you did. Was your case closed and done with before you went before the board?
  2. almostnurse20

    Nursing student- there is hope

    @Betterdaystocome okay thanks for letting me know! I am in the same boat. I got my dui in August and I graduate next week. I have a nursing attorney who is making me do everything you mentioned. I was just now worried because I never told my school ( I didn't know if I needed to or not) but hopefully that won't impact anything!
  3. almostnurse20

    Nursing student- there is hope

    Hello! I am in a similar situation and I was wondering if you ever disclosed your dui to your school since it happened during school? Thanks
  4. almostnurse20

    Georgia Dui - Reckless

    Hello everyone, So I am a nursing student who graduates in December. Long story short, I got a dui, but blew under the legal limit and it is in the process of getting reduced to reckless driving. I've been doing a lot of research for when I apply to take my NCLEX, but I just am not sure what I should do. Do I wait until this case is complete? Although I am not sure when that will be. Do I apply for the boards and just see what they say to me? I assume they will be asking me about the incident. Any help at all would be amazing. Thanks!