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    I’m a relatively new RN only worked at the facility for 4months. The area in er that I work is team based so we don’t have our own individual patients. Last week I went in to do an initial assessment of a patient that had come into the department that was drunk and had assaulted a few people on the community. The patient was already in 2 point restraints and had been sedated by either the triage nurse or Paramedics I can’t remember. I did her assessment noting the restraints but did not initiate restraint charting only charted about it on her initial assessment and included that she had restraints on and that I checked csm. I actually meant to go get the charting but I completely forgot and got distracted as it was incredibly busy in the emerg with many escalating mh patients Once the patient was awake a couple of hours later I removed one restraint and charted that on the chart. There was some charting in between but it was mainly about condition which was stable. I completely messed up it wasn’t until the next day that I remembered and asked one nurse about it and she said that she left very angry. Should I write an incident report about my error or talk to my manager about it? I know my actions were very careless and I’m worried about losing my licence.