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  1. Hello everyone, I have been on this website to look through posts and now I am a new graduate nurse and it’s finally time to make a post of my own. This is my first nursing job, and I am part of a nurse residency program. I have finished the didactic portion and I am now on the second week of my preceptorship on a MICU with a nurse on the floor. The first week I was paired with my preceptor. We don’t really get along much personality wise, and it felt like by the second day I was supposed to know all the skills but at the same time I felt micromanaged and like not really welcome to ask questions or just someone mildly annoyed. It made me feel nervous and stupid I guess. I think the bottom line is they are a serious personality and are a bit burnt out. I am basically sweet and sensitive and like to be friendly so it kind of makes the shift drag. By the second week I was switched because my preceptor took off. This person I got along with. They knew how many days I had looked over a patient and then gave me a very very simple patient and showed me how to chart everything and told me to ask if I have any questions. They brought me in for procedures and made me feel like I can do this and encouraged me. I really felt like I learnt a lot. The second day I got a more difficult patient and did a lot of procedures. I am just feeling like I am getting a better learning experience with the other preceptor. Maybe it is because her personality makes me less nervous and uncomfortable, and because she gives me more autonomy. I feel like my other preceptor we go hours without talking and it is just painfully awkward. But mainly, this isn’t just a comfort thing. It’s a learning thing too. Both have their quirks, but there is one clearly a better fit for me. so, the first preceptor is my “assigned” one and she is coming back from break next week. I wanted to ask my director if I can have more time with preceptor #2 but I don’t want to be rude, or make anything be catty between nurses. I just want a better learning experience for myself. I don’t want them to think “this girl is problematic” and I don’t want to hurt the other preceptors feelings ( although, I feel like they would think it’s a relief off their shoulders. They even told me they said it wasn’t a good idea to pair with me bc “they are leaving again and don’t want me to be switched around too much”) by the way, I already asked preceptor #2 if it was okay with her if I stayed and she said ofcourse. What do you guys think? Should I speak up or just keep my mouth shut?