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    Pa Board of Nursing--Transcripts

    @wwowza Just wondering how fast they were able to process your application? I am in NP school and need my PA license in 3 weeks in order to start my clinicals or it will delay my schooling. I sent in my licensure by endorsement and temporary practice permit 3 weeks ago and it still has not been updated. I wasn't sure how long it typically takes to get a TPP in PA?
  2. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any recent experience with applying for their PA RN license and what the timeframe was like? I have applied for my endorsement license and temporary practice permit and have sent in all of the required documents but my application has not been updated in 3+ weeks. Due to COVID, they are not taking any phone calls and have not responded to my multiple emails and voicemails. Any guidance or information would be greatly appreciated!