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Nummber Onne has 26 years experience as a ASN and specializes in Mental Health.

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  1. Nummber Onne

    How do I trust my judgement after this? First Patient Death

    If you did something wrong, believe me, the facility would be after you. You didn't say what the patients overall condition was. If she were on her way out, they may not wanted heroics.
  2. Nummber Onne

    Lead Clinical Nurse is Dealing with a Negative Nelly, HELP!

    Before I would formally call her on the carpet, I would have an informal one-to-one conversation with her. "You're a good nurse, I like you, but I don't think you realize how your negative comments about staffing is demoralizing everyone and causing...
  3. Nummber Onne

    OMG, I cannot believe what I did. What I should do now!

    Always bring more supplies than you think you will need. Don't let it happen again. Look up protocols on your phone to refresh memories. What's the point in reporting it now. The patient isn't hurt. You are just opening up a can of worms and dra...
  4. Nummber Onne

    ER nurse dealing with bullying...

    Stick it out and learn the ropes. Wait a while and the opportunity to pay back that nurse will arise some day.
  5. Nummber Onne

    RNs can a CNA save an RN's hide?

    You have to save their hides at times, otherwise they will report you over nonsense.
  6. Nummber Onne

    Being written up

    Since you know she wasn't punched in the mouth and she didn't complain to you directly, I would not have reported the aid. If the family complained, say you weren't paying attention to the conversation.
  7. Nummber Onne

    Has anybody else switched from an RN job to a CNA job?

    You can inactivate your license, but if you plan to reactivate it you will have to take refresher courses. Did you consider phlebotomy or dialysis technician? Mental health technician can be o.k., but not in a state hospital.
  8. Nummber Onne

    What's it like in the VIP wing of a hospital?

    The University of Pennsylvania has a $14.6 billion endowment. Do they really need taxpayer money? They are snobs that disparage smaller hospitals. They hire their grads, first. They are so rich no one wants to sue them.
  9. Nummber Onne

    Illinois Nurses are Banding Together For Safer Work Environments

    But they will spend a million dollars on an organ transplant. We need to get real about triage.
  10. Nummber Onne

    Nurse Severely Beaten Injured By Patient

    I agree. We should do everything for patients. I blame JACHO. If a facility has too many restraints and not enough paperwork, the facility gets cited. They are an unhelpful bureaucracy.
  11. Nummber Onne

    Nurse Severely Beaten Injured By Patient