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  1. Stanford Nurse Residency

    Thank you so much for your reply! And congratulations on being hired into the program! Did you just put expected graduation dates and clinical hours that had not been completed yet on your resume?
  2. Stanford Nurse Residency

    I’m actually still in school, but I was reading about Stanford’s nurse residency program and can’t find any information on whether you need to have graduated by the time you *apply,* or by the time your cohort starts. I graduate next May, so I assume...
  3. SFSU BSN fall 2021

    I’m pretty sure no one else has made one so: If one exists already.. please let me know!
  4. SFSU BSN fall 2021

    Noticed this thread's been pretty dead since the most recent post. Not gonna lie, kinda freaked me out, but I only got into one other school and SFSU's program just fits my needs a lot better right now. Anyhow, if any of you are still planning...
  5. SJSU FALL 2021 BSN

    She said two weeks but after two days (when I was trying to make a decision) I was getting multiple phone calls asking me to respond (which I did at the end of the second day)
  6. SJSU FALL 2021 BSN

    Unfortunately, no. In fact, after my initial rejection I emailed to clarify that I in fact did NOT make the waitlist cut off and she confirmed this was true. So, very confusing. But my GPA was a 3.86 and I got an 89 on the TEAS.
  7. SJSU FALL 2021 BSN

    It’s real - I got one as well. Apparently there are a lot of spots available. I JUST turned mine down to accept a spot at SFSU so another one of you should be getting an acceptance soon!
  8. SJSU FALL 2021 BSN

    Well, just got my rejection letter. I had an 89 on the TEAS and 3.86 GPA. Pretty upset that they decided to change GPA from big 5 to big 8, as I have a 4.0 in the big 5. Got a B in one of the other 3 classes as I was taking it the semester that my si...
  9. SJSU FALL 2021 BSN

    Same! I’m hoping that they started at the top of the list and they’re gonna work their way down? ? To make myself feel better. Also, congrats Noah!
  10. SJSU FALL 2021 BSN

    No one has gotten denied or accepted by the school of nursing yet. We literally will only find out through email. The status on SJSU one is only for the university.
  11. SJSU FALL 2021 BSN

    I want to clarify that I definitely didn’t say and wasn’t trying to imply that you filled out your application wrong (Noah V said ‘as you said’ in reference to my response so I wanted to make that clear). I think if you’re seeing that message from th...
  12. SJSU FALL 2021 BSN

    Did you choose nursing as your major or undeclared pre-nursing? If you put nursing that may be why it says that. I believe it’s only for the university where you can view your admissions status online. The email I got today said they expect to admit ...
  13. SFSU BSN fall 2021

    Congrats! Dang. I have similar stats - 89 on TEAS, 3.9 GPA, and 4,000+ hours working as a cert Medical Assistant. Just found out I’m #11 on the waitlist (so, odds aren’t great but oh well). I think volunteering and being bilingual must have definitel...
  14. SFSU BSN fall 2021

    It went alright! A bit awkward feeling but no different than any job interview I've ever had. Pretty similar questions to other healthcare interviews I've had, actually. Did feel a little rushed though! How about you?
  15. SFSU BSN fall 2021

    I'm interviewing on Tuesday! Super nervous - anyone doing anything in particular to prep?