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  1. Grand Canyon University ABSN

    The link isn’t working
  2. Grand Canyon University ABSN

    I’m suppose to start Spring 2021 (Tucson) as well! I got my provisional acceptance. Just finishing up my last class.
  3. ABSN GCU new program

    I start January 2021. I just finished both classes. So just waiting now. Do you remember what the GPA requirements are?
  4. HESI through PVCC

    Do they let you use a calculator?
  5. Grand Canyon University ABSN

    Really? Why?
  6. Grand Canyon University ABSN

    Oh really? I don’t know anyone taking it so I don’t know the insides of the program. But it sounds promising. I hope I’m making the right choice though.
  7. Grand Canyon University ABSN

    Anyone going to the Tucson ABSN in January 2021?
  8. ABSN GCU new program

    I applied too! To the Tucson location though. I was told the Phoenix location is for those with a bachelors. I got a conditional acceptance. I’m taking Pathophysiology and the Christian class.