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    Passing NCLEX RN after 8 YEARS!

    Good Morning @xuichloe !! So excited that you have decided to not give up and come back on the RN journey. I am not quite sure when it comes to foreign students, but I did a quick good for New York State and I have pasted them below. I really hope it helps. I do see there is an application for foreign graduate students. I am not sure if there are time frames but I think it might still be worth a try to apply. As of right now, due to COVID, they aren't taking phone calls. So it definitely is very hard to have definitive answers BUT I really hope these 2 links helps. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you :) http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/nurse/nursingrn.htm#instructions http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/nurse/nurseforms.htm
  2. Firstly, I would like to start by saying THANK YOU for this website. It has truly helped me. Secondly, this is NOT for the ones who want to know studying material. This is for the bruised egos that find it hard to get back up after failing MULTIPLE times. I'm from NYC and I graduated nursing school 8 years ago. On 10/31/2020 for my 3rd attempt I FINALLY PASSED. In my experience, it took me years to realize that the HARDEST part was not having to study again for the NCLEX, but the years it took to recover and then build up my self esteem after failing. After I failed twice (both times within the same year of graduating) my confidence was SHOT. The first time I took the exam I went all the way to 160 questions and then by the second time, I failed at 75 questions. I fully gave up. I told myself that nursing wasn't for me and I went on with life. The first 4-5 years I avoided the pain as much as I could. I watched all of my classmates pass, move on with their careers and so many of them now work as NP's. I avoided the subject at all costs any time anyone ever asked me about it because...to simplify it... I could not deal. I was emotionally/mentally in a space that couldn't see my own worth/value, that I took jobs (in health care) that was a learning experience, but honestly didn't challenge me. All because I thought (at that time) that was all I needed to feed my ego. Woooo was I wrong! What you try hard to suppress will always come back up, and it honestly takes much more work to push down the pain than to actually deal with it. Over the years I have literally paid for the NCLEX (I think like 4x) studied for a week max, felt the sting, then the rise of doom and failure only to end up either cancelling or no-showing every exam. Further bringing down my confidence and crushing my vision of worthiness. Fast forward to 2 years ago, I began working as a PCT/PCA in an ER. It got to a point (internally) that no matter how many times I heard "you're amazing at your job", it just wouldn't fill my (ego) cup anymore. The REAL work began in March 2020. It began with shifting my MINDSET. I wasn't even thinking about retaking the NCLEX again until May 2020 when a coworker convinced me to sign up (because the exam is/was supposedly "easier" due to COVID) I had to FIRST deal with my repressed emotions of failure and build a better and higher self esteem. I started to take small steps. I mediate, I read books geared for success, I worked out. It was the little consistent and disciplined every day efforts that REALLY made tackling the NCLEX doable. I started studying for the NCLEX at the end of August. Content was my main priority (NURSING.com purchased app, SimpleNursing, RegisteredNurseRN, and REMAR all on Youtube ONLY). I did about 40 questions every couple of days. This story may be irrelevant to some but also maybe someone needs to hear this. You finished the program. You completed your clinical hours. You passed your school exams, You passed your exit exam. You saw other students drop like flies from first semester to your last semester. You got accepted into the program when hundreds weren't. YOU CAN PASS THE NCLEX just like you passed everything else. Please do not give up on yourself. You have the knowledge and the skills. You really have to BELIEVE YOU CAN. It really begins with the mindset.
  3. HMC

    Passed NCLEX after 8 years

    OMG. This is exactly what I needed to read. This year marks my 8th year after graduating nursing school and also retaking the NCLEX again. I am so happy to know I am not alone and most importantly it is not impossible. Congrats on passing and thank you so much for this!