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  1. This is SO helpful. Thank you!! My husband does not have an academic background so having a system to show him the realities of what I'll need is wonderful. I'm so glad you are making it work for now!
  2. UMass Boston ABSN Summer 2020

    Hi everyone! I know this is an older post, but could anyone who is part of the program now offer some feedback? I am looking for any and all information! Thanks so much!
  3. UMass Boston - ABSN Spring 2021

    I'm hoping to apply for Summer 2021 since I won't have my pre-reqs finished before the deadline. Following for your experiences in the meantime!
  4. @Quincy39 Could you give me some feedback on the program so far? I also have little kids at home, so this online program is really looking like the best fit for me academically. I'm just trying to figure out if the workload is realistic while home wi...
  5. Seeking info about UMass ABSN!

    I'm considering applying here as well, so following for info~