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    Hello everyone. Just to introduce myself a little: I am a registered nurse and have been working as a corrections nurse for about 14 months. I have learned so much in this area, both about myself and this vulnerable population. However, this isn’t where I wanted to start out. My first love was, is, and, most likely always will be: neonates. When I was younger, my baby cousin was born prematurely and I didn’t quite comprehend why he was in a box with holes on the side (incubator), or why he was exposed to a weird light (phototherapy). It was very hard on my aunt and her husband, but to see how compassionate and skilled the nurses were, I thought to myself: “I have to be one of these nurses!” The nurses also took the time to teach me a few things when I visited. So from that day on, although I didn’t quite know what this entire specialized field of nursing consisted of, I knew I wanted to help as many of these babies as I could. Fast-forward to December 2018- I just graduated nursing school, DEFINITELY got a better idea of what the NICU consisted of, and I was looking forward to taking my exam to get a job in the NICU. I was not able to find any job openings. I took my exam in April of 2019 and continued to look even though I felt a little dejected. I still was not able to find one. Then, the opportunity to work in a correctional facility came along and I took it. Now I am in school for my BSN. All along I have not forgotten the passion I have for the NICU and I just wonder if I were to look, find an opening, and apply, would I have a better chance of being hired? I am also taking a PALS course and want to be NRP certified. Does it seem as though I’m doing too much for a career I don’t even have yet? Or will it show how determined I am to show how badly I want to be a neonatal nurse? I welcome all and any advice you may have. Thank you for taking the time to read. -Nurse K