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  1. emipn

    For anyone considering Capella for an MSN...

    Were you able to use any scholarships at capela?
  2. emipn

    MSN School

    What were factors you should keep in mind when picking a school for MSN? does it matter where I go? Or should I just go for the cheapest one? any recommendations where I should get my MSN? I’d like something in leadership.
  3. emipn

    Is there a Stigma with a Male working in Nursing?

    For some reason patients always think I’m the doctor and prefer me over other nurses..
  4. emipn

    MBA or MSN

    Sounds like MSN would open more doors than the MBA from what I am hearing..
  5. emipn

    MBA or MSN

    Do you think your going to be more marketable having a MSN or MBA?
  6. emipn

    MBA or MSN

    I want to be in leadership.. but what should I go for? Can someone with a MSN tell me how your career is going? and same thing from someone with an MBA that came from BSN is it very different?
  7. emipn

    Free CEU’s

    Anyone know of free CEU’s? I need like 10.
  8. emipn

    RN pay in the Bay Area, CA?

    Now the question is how do you get in?
  9. emipn

    RN Endorsement CT to CA

    Did you get yours?
  10. emipn

    Using RN after your name in a different state.

    I think country is too far... But I think if she is vice Pres of the western region even without a license in California she should be able to. Since she is license in one of the states she covers.
  11. emipn

    Using RN after your name in a different state.

    Would it be acceptable to put it on their business card ?
  12. emipn

    Using RN after your name in a different state.

    Because the person is proud that she is a RN. Anyways she is the executive team so doesn’t really do clinical work. she did pass her boards? NCLEX Which is National? or am I wrong?
  13. When you are not practicing as an RN in the state (example California) Is it acceptable to put RN after your name if your RN license is in another state (example New York) and still in the process of getting reciprocated?
  14. emipn

    LVN an RN after your name

    If you have both licenses. Would you put it after your name? john doe BSN, LVN, RN is this acceptable?