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  1. Hi all, nursing student here. I had a question for my BSN Leadership and Management class that I am hoping you might be able to help me answer. In the scenario provided an earthquake has damaged a nearby hospital prompting evacuation and your hospital is the only one available to take in the patients. Who would normally be the incident commander in this scenario? My thoughts so far is that it should be the Chief Nursing Officer or Chief Medical Officer. Am I on the right track here? Who would make up the critical team that reports to the incident commander? I found a lot of information about hospital evacuation, but little to no information about the process of receiving the patients from an evacuated hospital. Would the process be similar to evacuating since some patients would have to be discharged and moved around to make room for the more critical patients? Anything helps. Thank you in advance for your responses 🙂 Rebecca Reed
  2. beccasto01

    What do nurse managers delegate to RN and UAP?

    Thank you. I had not thought of this. In our facility the QC Glucometer checks are done by the night nurse LVN/RN staff. Would checking other equipment fall under NM to UAP delegation as well? Such as checking vital sign machines for damages and reporting those damages to the NM? Thank you.
  3. beccasto01

    What do nurse managers delegate to RN and UAP?

    Thank you glad to know I am on the right track with the first example. The second example is what I have struggled with the most. As a new RN on the floor most of my time with UAPs was delegating to them directly patient care within their scope, ie vital signs, bed baths, showers, sitting the patient up in the chair, meals etc. But this is staff RN to UAP delegation. Not nurse manager to UAP delegation. I still am not really sure what a nurse manager would delegate directly to a UAP without first going through another RN? Many nurse manager roles cannot be done by a UAP because they involve critical thinking which is outside UAP scope, so I am at a loss. I only know UAP roles in relation to patient care. Could you tell me what other roles it is you speak of? Thank you so much.
  4. beccasto01

    What do nurse managers delegate to RN and UAP?

    Honestly not sure. The text book and my online search didn't provide any examples of nurse manager specific delegation. All I have so far is what I've seen nurse managers do in my limited time as a nurse. So I used the examples of a nurse manager delegated mentorship of new RNs to another RN or charge nurse on the unit and a nurse manager delegating to one UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel) to pick up another UAP bed baths assignment due to unforeseen circumstances. Are these good examples of delegations nurse managers actually do? Thank you for your response and continued help on this.
  5. Hello everyone. New allnurses. Not sure where to post this but I'm a nursing student and am trying to answer this question for an assignment and having no luck. What are some examples of a typical nurse manager delegation to another staff RN and a nurse manager to an UAP? Thank you so much for helping.