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    Should I travel as ICU or Step-down/tele?

    Hi all! So, I've been a nurse for 1.5 years. I would like to travel in a about 1 to 1.5 years from now. so heres my background: Prior to being an RN I worked as a nursing assistant for 6 years in rehab, a step down, and in the ER. I started out as a new graduate in the ICU, completing a 6 month residency, worked several months then I left for several reasons that I feel are irrelevant to this topic (though if you feel it might be, I'm happy to elaborate). I took a position in the ICU at the hospital I came from as a tech. I've completed 3 months orientation and have been on my own for about two months now, I love it and it's going well. Unfortunately in the year and half as a nurse, 9 of those months have been spent on orientation, 9 independent. Although I'm grateful for the amount of education and guidance I've received as a new RN, it doesn't truly equate to 1.5 years as an independent RN. Generally I'm pretty happy where I am now; I like the ICU environment, I feel I'm getting good experience and developing skills and confidence over time. But I feel I may have shot myself in the foot jumping into ICU, knowing I wanted to spend a year or so doing travel contracts before I want to settle down, have a family, and longterm job/career. Even though I love ICU, I'm hesitant to travel in one year to a year and a half (which would equate to 21-27 months of independent ICU RN experience). Especially given that there are much more acute ICU's than the one I currently work in. I don't want to put any patients at risk or my license at risk. I worked damn hard to be where I am. So, I've toyed with the idea of getting a per diem job on a step-down to get a better feel for that work flow as an RN. I know it is a totally different environment than ICU, but I feel if I can get time management with a larger patient load down (and brush up on my discharging LOL), then I hopefully would be comfortable traveling in that area of nursing more than ICU. Plus, I feel it could broaden my nursing skills in general. Perhaps this is naive though. I'm just not sure.. So I ask you travelers and more experienced nurses than I, what are your thoughts? Get the per diem job and let go of ICU for a bit, or just hone in my ICU skills and try to get assignments in lower acuity ICU's (how possible is that to gauge with travel assignments??) I can't find any topics on going from ICU to step down, its always the other way around..Thank you in advance!! I appreciate any thoughts on this.