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  1. Barr

    Six-month mark. "Is this for me?"

    By the way, I did offer to place the NG tube with the onboarding nurse, but she is a difficult personality and rude, so naturally she preferred reporting me, chastising me, and refusing to assist me when I offered to place the tube, stating she will ...
  2. Barr

    Six-month mark. "Is this for me?"

    I am so appreciative of each of your supportive comments. The fact that you are on this site providing support to new nurses, or nurses in general, tells me how passionate you are about your profession. Your insight and wisdom helped me regroup. ...
  3. I have been a nurse for nearly six months. I still struggle with time management and find a few team members annoyed with me because of it. It is common to find me working one to two hours late to chart and, quite honestly, I am sick of it. A nurs...
  4. Agreed, "The best revenge is a life well lived!" Amen Sister!!
  5. I am so glad you posted this query. I experienced similarly, but just a few weeks into a 6-week preceptorship on a different unit. My confidence is low. What is helping me is having had a prior positive experience working on another unit as a tech....
  6. I wrote my NCLEX yesterday morning, got the good pop up a few hours later, as well as 24 hours later official "pass" from the board of nursing. I wanted to take time to give back to allnurses stories, because this is where I came for encouragement a...