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  1. DaniLynn

    Interested in becoming a Military Nurse

    Hey, Ohwhyshai Its been a couple year but I wanted to see how things are going? Are you still wanting to go into the military after graduation? if so which branch are you looking at? Asking because Im in the same situation, although I am hoping to get into the SPC nursing program instead of USF (I heard they were all online right now).
  2. DaniLynn

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    Hey everyone! How is everything going? I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some insight on how their schedules are looking? Did you get days or night? and what times are your classes? are they online because or Covid or are we still able to go to the class rooms? I am planning to reapply next month for the Fall 2021 term so I'm a bit anxious to get any new information 🙂
  3. DaniLynn

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    I am in a similar situation, I'm taking Micro and Stats right now but other wise have all As and one B. I have pretty much told myself that Ill make it as an alternate for Spring but I'm okay with this because maybe my name will be familiar to them in the fall when I apply again. I do how ever remember -------------------- saying in the zoom meeting that there were a few students last Spring that made it but were missing just a 3 credit class... sooo who knows 🙂
  4. DaniLynn

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    If you have only gone to SPC then you do not need to send in your transcripts, this is coming from my advisor because I had the same question. You only need to send in your transcripts if you have completed your any of your classes at another college.
  5. DaniLynn

    SPC Spring 2021 Applicants

    Hey everyone! I applied for Spring 2021 but Im still taking my Micro and stats Currently (fall 2020) so Im sure I won't get it but worth a shot, right? I was wondering what made you guys choose SPC of other in the area like USF or HCC? I was thinking of applying to all of them for fall 2021 if I cant get in this year to SPC.