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  1. NewRN_SW

    Driving 1.5 hrs (one way) to work. Good idea?

    Thank you all for the input. This job is my new job. I’m only an RN for 3 monts and where we live right now, there’s really nothing (Covid is also to blame) except nursing homes and home health. This organization offers so much more benefits like cheaper insurance, amazing retirement plans and better pay and differentials. The hospital is also huge and I would love to take other opportunities in the future with them. As a new nurse, I would want to explore more options so I can find my niche. I believe I can do this with this organization so a longer drive will be worth it in the end. So we are looking for a house that is at least 50minutes-1 hr away since I already got the go to signal from my MIL that I’m always welcome at her home. And I believe I will be working 3 straight shifts. THANK you all for the input.
  2. NewRN_SW

    Driving 1.5 hrs (one way) to work. Good idea?

    What would you say the acceptable amount of driving to work? We are considering getting a house like 45 mins-1 hr away. I wouldn’t mind that. Especially with the option of staying with my mil. I just want to be considerate with my husband at this point.
  3. Hello y’all. We are getting ready to buy a house. We are 1.5 hrs away from my new job, husband works where we currently live. Our dilemma is where to buy a house. I am scheduled to work 3 shifts/ week, husband works 5 days/week. If we get closer to my work, houses are so much more expensive, maybe 50K more, less land. If we get a house where were at right now, it’s so much more affordable, closer to outdoors, more land and easier for my husband since he will work 5 days a week. I just want to add that my parents live 1 hr away and my mother in law lives 20 minutes away from my work so I am always welcome to stay there if I am too tired to drive the 1.5 hrs or when it snows bad. We don’t have kids so that’s not an issue. Just want to hear any thoughts. Thanks!
  4. NewRN_SW

    Weekend schedule. Thoughts?

    Hi all! Here is a little background. I am a new RN and really wanted to get into this organization, better pay, better benefits. Got an interview for a FT inpatient med psych unit job (night shift, 3 12’). The administrative assistant when he called to set up an interview, he said it is a Wednesday night to Friday night schedule but he didn’t sound so sure about it. So here comes the day that I got offered the job, HR called me and of course I accepted it. While I was on the phone with HR, the administrative assistant was calling me to tell me that the schedule he has for me was Friday night til Sunday night and could potentially change in the future since he changes the schedule every 6 months. I felt disappointed. I don’t mind working every other weekend but the “every weekend schedule” is throwing me off. My husband gets the weekend off, we don’t have kids. My family also don’t work the weekends so I already feel like I’m going to miss out on things. I messaged the admin. assistant if they could be flexible in letting me work Thursday night until Saturday instead of the Friday night to Sunday night so I can at least have Sunday with my husband and family. Any thoughts from nurses working just weekends? I still plan on pursuing the job because I really want to get in, just need a little push to work every weekend.