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  1. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    If you’re in the pool of people that haven’t heard something yet (like me), in my opinion it is safe to have a plan B option (like me who is choosing a online MSN program instead) in case it doesn’t work out. Best of luck ya’ll! :)
  2. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    So exciting! Congrats @letsbringhealth and thanks for letting us know! ?
  3. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    Still waiting to hear back as well! The suspense is killing me :D
  4. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    Hi! I haven’t heard anything but my status says committee review. I’m guessing we’ll hear sometime in the next 2 weeks? Have you heard something?
  5. UMSON DNP FALL 2021

    Hi all! ? I am making this thread for all UMSON DNP candidates for Fall 2021! I'm applying to the Family NP option. Anyone else applying? Good luck to all!