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  1. Hi, I’m a nicu nurse and have been for almost two years. I recently made a mistake that’s been really eating away at me because I’ve never done something like this before. I had a 32 week infant that had just turned 24 hours old and we were going to start NG feeds. I had read the doctors note earlier that day and said they were going to start at 25ml/kg/day so I calculated what she would be getting each feed. I didn’t feed right away because I was still waiting for the doctors order and I finally got it later that afternoon and it said 25ml/kg/day (6ml/feed). I glanced at it and for some reason read it as 25ml/feed and didn’t even read any further to look at the 6ml/feed that was actually written there. So I ended up giving the baby 25mls every feed instead of the 6mls she was supposed to get and she continued to get 25mls throughout the night and part of the next day all because I had read the order wrong. They ended up holding a few feeds the next day and restarted on the correct amount. She’s fine now but I just feel absolutely horrible about it and have been having anxiety about my mistake ever since. I don’t know what I was thinking - I even read the doctors note and calculated the feeding amount of 6mls/feed myself earlier that day and I didn’t even think to double check the order and question it when I thought it said 25mls/feed. It was such a dumb mistake and I feel absolutely terrible about it. I’m not really asking for advice here or anything but just wanted to share because it’s really been bothering me. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Making a careless mistake just by reading the order incorrectly or not questioning something?