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  1. Gablubran

    Need some serious new grad advice

    Thank you!! I know I have to keep telling myself my first job might not be my dream job or what I pictured myself in. I really appreciate the advice ❤️
  2. Gablubran

    Need some serious new grad advice

    Wow thank you so much. I never thought about it this way.. all of my friends are waiting around for things to get back to "normal" hoping to get a call back from the NYC hospitals Hi thank you so much for your reply. This makes me feel more at ease. I was thinking about getting my CT license but I might wait and see how I like working at this facility.
  3. Gablubran

    Need some serious new grad advice

    OMG guys! thank you so much!! This makes me feel sooo much better. Im so happy and definitely feel more confident with my choice of accepting the job. Thank you again ❤️
  4. Gablubran

    Need some serious new grad advice

    Hello! I seriously would appreciate any insight or advice from any nurse out there. I graduated in May with my BSN and passed my NCLEX in June. This year has been absolutely wild.. I have not had a chance to relax. Job hunting has been extremely hard in New York. There is a huge hiring freeze and most of the hospitals have no money to fund a lot of new grads. There are 4 classmates of mine that have received RN positions so far. I received a position at a highly skilled nursing facility. It is long term care and I am on the unit with children who all have trachs, peg tubes, vents and severe medical diagnoses. I am so hesitant to start because it is not a hospital setting. I am afraid I will not get the experience I need to reach my goal of getting into a CV ICU or a step down unit.. heck I am afraid I wouldnt be able to get a med-surg position after a year of staying at this place. I feel like most hospitals want acute care experience. I have no other choice other than to wait but I really want to start to making money along with learning nursing skills. I feel like my parents, friends, and boyfriend do not understand my concerns and that if I do not take the job my parents would be disappointed. This long term facility offered me a tremendous salary, but is it worth taking? Will I be able to get a hospital job with this long term critical care experience? Please help 😞

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