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    How difficult is it to specialize in the Army?

    Thank you so much to both of y’all. Super helpful. I am meeting my Brigade Nurse Counselor sometime this semester, still TBD LOL. Rhody, you seem super knowledgeable, would you mind if I asked you one more question? Say I were to get my nurse practitioner online at my first duty station instead of wanting to specialize. Is it easy to make the MOS change from 66H to FNP(66P) or PMHNP(66R)?
  2. Hi everyone, Prior service LPN here and currently in ROTC. My goal is to hopefully specialize into critical care. I cannot really find any good current information on how difficult it is to specialize. I imagine being stationed at Fort Sam Houston will make it easier to get into the course, since that is where it is taught? As of right now, I am hoping to perform within the top 10% of nurses in ROTC, so I can get my choice of duty station and go to Sam Houston. I’ve read things that say you can specialize after 1 year of floor time and others say 2 years. Can anyone shed some light on how competitive the course is to get into? Also, I read once you make captain the Army starts putting you in leadership positions instead of patient care. Is this the same once you are a specialized nurse, or do you get to stay on the floor longer? I would really appreciate any information! Thanks!