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    Credentialing Reference Requirements

    Thank you. I was one physician short of the requirement but I explained to the credentialing specialist that I am a new grad and unfortunately could not get a second attending Physician that was familiar with me an an NP student to respond. However, I have already started working/training. I’m waiting to see if this affects me later! *crossing my fingers I get full privileges*
  2. SoFloNewNP

    Credentialing Reference Requirements

    Hello, I am writing to find out if there is a standard practice of how many references are required for the credentialing committee. They are currently requesting of me 4 advanced providers that have worked as my peers or supervised me and 2 supervising physicians. I am a new graduate, Is this typical? I am having a tough time because all of my preceptors were nurse practitioners and the attendings were either rotating or not really interested in me, another “nursing” student. I sometimes found myself trying to prove myself among medical residents but that’s another story. Anyway, my only regret from NP school was not networking more with the physicians.