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Amber_3 specializes in Nursing.

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  1. Amber_3

    Brookhaven Spring 2021

    I have a friend that graduated in December from Brookhaven and she found out 10 days after she found out about her interview. So that would be Thursday for us. BUT I’ve also gone back on other forums and they found out the Monday after the interview ...
  2. Amber_3

    Brookhaven Spring 2021

    When is everyone thinking we will find out? I am getting so anxious and wish I knew when to expect the email! The more time that passes the worst I feel about my interview so that doesn’t help LOL
  3. Amber_3

    Brookhaven Fall 2020

    Could any of you give any advice on the interview process?? I received an interview for Spring 2021 and would love to hear any insight you all have!
  4. Amber_3

    Brookhaven Spring 2021

    Hello everyone!! Applications are due in a few days and I was wondering how everyone was feeling and what yalls total points were looking like. Let me know!!