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michaelb has 21 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. michaelb

    ER nurse dealing with bullying...

    what you permit you promote, I would address it again and make it clear your preference is to be talked to and not about. Let you work speak for itself and be a great advocate for yourself...we often forget that we are as important as the people coming in the door, keep yourself in mind.
  2. michaelb

    Is it wrong to stay in med-surg?

    love what you love! the mentallity is changing and we are the ones changing it, specialists are everywhere!
  3. michaelb

    Scared of being harmed at work.. Am I overreacting?

    My safety is more important than any paycheck...look for the work you are passionate about in an envirorment you are comfortable.
  4. michaelb

    Floated to ICU with no experience

    for me its a disposition think, look at it as an oppurunity... You do have a license to protect and that should help guide any decisions. I often ask myself "how would the prosecuting attorney ask me this question?" Make sure that you make it clear that you don't have the experience or appropriate orientation( in an email) and make it clear when you get to the unit and give-er. be safe, do your best, ask intelegent questions.
  5. michaelb

    Is Nursing really for me?

    Nursing is the broadest career you could ever imagine... I have worked in 15 different sub-sections. Sit down, take a breath, remember-its not suppose to be streesful or a jail sentence. Think outside the box- infection control, public health, corrections, education, expert witness, insurance reveiw...you can find fast tempo, rewarding work outside of any negative pass experience...you have a 40 year career infront of you, find something that has it all for you! good luck

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