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  1. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    Yes we can start a FB group!
  2. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    I got an offer as well! So excited! Honestly didn’t think I was going to make it! So glad everyone so far got an offer!!
  3. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    Has anyone received any responses? The wait is killing me!
  4. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    I only submitted my transcripts on nursingcas not directly to FIU. I had asked the coordinator if it was necessary and she told me no. I too have on my “to do” list about transcripts.
  5. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    Hope everyone had a successful interview! I believe they told me 10-14 days until we hear something... here’s to hoping it’s sooner
  6. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    Good luck everyone!
  7. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    I too received the email! Let's kill it y'all! I wish everyone good luck
  8. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    Nothing yet on my side. They said this week so I’m hoping either today or tomorrow we get a call.
  9. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    Nothing still waiting
  10. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    Anyone get a call yet!?
  11. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    @Nurse.Kelsey I too got this email! so I'm hoping that it could possibly mean we are still in the running LOL.
  12. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    @Nurse.Kelsey that’s true I forgot they said until oct ??‍♂️ I guess it’s all waiting game now but remaining hopeful.
  13. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    @Nurse.Kelsey nothing yet this week ? im still being hopeful since it’s not Friday yet LOL
  14. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    @Nurse.Kelsey crossing fingers to hopefully hearing something next week. I’m applying to adult geri.
  15. FIU BSN-DNP 2020

    @Nurse.Kelsey thank you for replying! Not sure if anyone would LOL so I too emailed the coordinator and they emailed saying between September and early October we should get some feedback. I know that the application closed August 15th so I was expec...