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123GoToSleep has 9 years experience and specializes in SRNA.

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  1. If a 50 year old can pass NCLEX, so can you...HERE IS WHAT I DID.

    I do sense you'll be the one staying over each shift to finish charting, no biggie, but hope you're not slow when it comes to patient care. Good luck!
  2. KU CRNA

    That's awesome! I've heard many good things about your program. Good luck!
  3. Should I keep applying?

    OP -you need more confidence...like a LOT more! Yea, your GPA sucks, but no use in complaining about it. Go take some graduate courses (I.e., pharm, patho), along with all the hard sciences courses like biochem, physics, organic, etc. Make sure to g...
  4. How to Be Successful in Anatomy and Physiology 1

    Wait, didn't you make a "C" in your A&P? and are you even a nursing student yet? I thought you were a Registered Nurse this whole time.
  5. Watchful Care-please help!

    Order it from the AANA website. There's an option for non-members to order products. Congrats btw!
  6. What are your GPA in CRNA school so far?

    Yea, an A- is horrible. Heaven forbid you make a B in CRNA school.
  7. Halfway done w/ CRNA school, ask me anything

    My cohort had 5 people in their 40s, and they were by far the smartest ones in the class. I agree with SRNA2CRNA, don't let age stop you from applying.
  8. New to PACU (looking for tips/advice)

    Name 2 programs that accept PACU for admission. I'll wait for your response.
  9. Texas CRNA 2021 Application

    This school accepts greater than 100 per cohort? Is that a joke?
  10. I don’t know what to do

    You've heard of many people being dismissed their 3rd term?!?! Yikes! Are you going to school in FL by chance? My advice would be to go ahead and withdraw if you know you aren't going to pass. It'll look a lot better than being dismissed due to poor ...
  11. Um, why not just go to your local state school? Since you have your ADN, you should be able to take all your classes online anyway wherever you go? And it would be cheaper than those other schools you mentioned. hope it works out for ya!
  12. Arkansas State University CRNA 2021

    Sorry man, just got your message. I sent you a PM. Hope it helps with everything. Let me know how you like the program and if you need help with anything else. Congrats
  13. Biochemistry Degree for CRNA?

    Yea, that plan will be fine. In addition to the Biochemistry degree, I'd also get a Law degree (Michigan State if possible), with a minor in Quantum Physics if you have time. This will really show the admission committee you are serious about CRNA sc...
  14. How do you study for NCLEX when you’re broke??

    Ask you rents for help? There's free test banks with 1000s of NCLEX questions out there you can look up. Like someone else said, you can sign up for free trials with sites such as UWorld, etc. My school paid for that Hurst review but I hone...
  15. S/O failed the NCLEX at 60 questions.

    I remember just using UWorld, and reading questions from that Lippencott(?) book every day for like a month. It was more than enough, I felt, to help me pass NCLEX. Tell your hubby to not get down and just keep doing questions over and over...al...